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Photography, Video, and Design solutions tailored to your needs. We work with individuals, small businesses, and corporate clients. Locally, state wide, and nationally.

This short was filmed on location in Deep Ellum (Dallas), Texas for the Observer music blog website.

What we do

We shoot on site, at your events, and in studio. We also sell prints upon request. We’ll take care of your design and brand as well as take care of all your marketing and social marketing needs.

We shoot in studio in Deep Ellum as well on site/on location. We also offer on-site photography for your designs. Need Ellum Studios to shoot your small business in action for website, social media, and business print runs? We’ve got you covered! We shoot live events, product and dishes, portraits, as well as Real Estate.

From logo/brand design for individuals, events, and small businesses to print design on large production runs for our corporate clients. We specialize in design that establishes and reinforces your brand and identity.

In addition photography we also offer videography services. We shoot on location, edit, and produce video content for your events and business. Short commercials for web (and TV) with additional clips edited for social media outlets like Instagram and Facebook. We work with our clients to build effective web media advertising solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Ellum Studios produces some of the highest quality prints in Dallas. We print everything your business or event needs for direct marketing. Business cards, postcards, screen prints, posters, large banners, stickers, you name it! Only need 100 business cards? We can work with you. Need 50,000 to 100,000 flyers? We can definitely help!

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In studio in Deep Ellum or on site at your shop or location

A little about Ellum Studios

Ellum Studios was founded in 2012 with an already established 10+ years in the field. Ellum Studios is run by one person with the goal of making life easy for clients with design and marketing needs. Ellum Studios functions as a sort of one-stop-shop for your design and branding needs. We help with concept and design as well as the actual production of your projects from start to finish. We like to meet in coffee shops locally or at our clients locations. Ellum Studios is also proud to offer some of the quickest turnaround times with the highest quality and service on our projects. Email or call us today, we’d love to work with you!

About Ellum Studios, Photography and Design. Branded In Dallas.


  1. Discussion

    We talk with you about your project needs and formulate a game plan. No project too big, not project too small!

  2. Concepts/Proofs

    We take your input and design/create your concepts for review. We work with you from start to finish.

  3. Review

    You review the concepts/designs and provide us with feedback. We take your feedback and fine tune your project.

  4. Approval

    Once your project had been finalized we begin production. No projects are ever completed without our clients written approval.

  5. Implementation/Delivery

    Once your project is wrapped up we deliver the finished goods, your developed photos, short film, prints, etc.

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